Western Digital’s acquisition and Integration of Tegile Systems into the broader Data Centre Systems portfolio

Western Digital Tegile Systems

Western Digital® will be retiring the Tegile Systems brand starting from November 2018 as part and fully integrating into their Data Center Systems (DCS) business unit.

Tegile Systems has been at the forefront of the flash storage revolution since 2012 with its award winning IntelliFlash architecture. The new brand will be simply known as Western Digital IntelliFlash.

Western Digital creates environments for data to thrive. The company is driving the innovation needed to help customers capture, preserve, access and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data. Everywhere data lives, from advanced data centers to mobile sensors to personal devices, our industry-leading solutions deliver the possibilities of data. Western Digital® data-centric solutions are marketed under the G-Technology™, HGST, SanDisk®, Tegile™, Upthere™, and WD® brands.

Western Digital Data Center Systems – it’s broad range of Object Storage Systems, NVMe, All-Flash Arrays, Servers and Server-Storage Platforms Provide the building blocks for Software-defined, Hyperscale and Enterprise Storage Environments

The new solutions include the ActiveScale™ 5.3 object storage system, extensions to the IntelliFlash™ N Series family of all-flash arrays, and the new Ultrastar® Serv60+8 hybrid storage server platform This broad portfolio provides the building blocks to rapidly deploy data center solutions for better performance, efficiency and TCO while opening up opportunities to capture, preserve, access and transform data in ways that were not previously possible.

Let's look at some of the product lines united under the Western Digital Data Center Systems business unit.

Upgraded product line IntelliFlash includes the solid-state T Series arrays, the high-density HD Series arrays and the N Series, which uses the high-performance NVMe internal storage protocol. IntelliFlash arrays are simple to implement, highly competitive in price, features and guarantees, and there is no competitive overlap among the product families.

IntelliFlash™ N-series all-flash storage systems offer microsecond latency data IO, inline deduplication and compression, with wide support of the storage protocols such as iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0. Systems has no weak points, all components fully redundant, controllers offer Active/Active mode ensuring data is continuously served.

Storage systems supplied as NVMe and NVMe/SSD hybrid configurations. The software license model is all-inclusive, all current and future functionality is provided for free.

Effective compression and deduplication technologies inside storage system provide up to 184 TB of NVMe and  691TB effective all-flash storage capacity in only 2U of the rack space.

Object storage systems ActiveScale 5.3 offers two storage models: P100 и X100.

ActiveScale P100


The ActiveScale P100 is based on a modular storage node architecture that starts with 720 or 864 terabytes (TB) of raw storage and scales up in increments of 720 or 864TB to over 2PB. Additionally, the system can scale out or geo-spread to over 23PB now with 3 geo scale out. Each system delivers up to 8GB/sec throughput for high productivity. Grow your system without re-balancing and avoid forklift upgrades with dynamic data placement. IT staff can easily add capacity and performance to keep up with high data growth rates, and manage it with ease.

ActiveScale X100


The ActiveScale™ X100 system is an integrated object storage solution that allows you to scale up from 1PB to 7PB (raw) and scale out to over 63PB (raw), so you can easily keep up with data growth and deliver on business objectives. For large-scale data that requires extreme data durability with easy and fast retrieval, the ActiveScale system is designed to facilitate “Data Forever” architecture for investment protection and ease of operation.

Each system is vertically integrated with software, networking, and hardware. Once installed the ActiveScale presents an Amazon S3™-compliant object interface. Management for large-scale storage requires real-time system tools like ActiveScale SM and a cloud-based storage analytics tool, ActiveScale CM for effective and efficient system monitoring.

Ultrastar® Serv60+8 hybrid storage server

This new, high-capacity hybrid storage server addresses the demanding needs of large enterprise customers, OEMs, cloud service providers, and resellers/integrators that require dense, shared HDD or hybrid storage with compute included. The Ultrastar® Serv60+8 hybrid storage server offers a choice of CPUs, memory, and drives, providing the flexibility to balance capacity, performance and cost.

Designed for Big Data

Western Digital HelioSeal HDDs ensure cool running, quiet operation and high reliability while the SSDs provide a fast data tier for additional performance. Conventional dense disk shelves frequently suffer from performance degradation due to induced vibration from adjacent drives. And traditional platforms have cooling challenges as the cooling air passes over successive rows of drives, losing effectiveness as it gets heated up along the airflow path. Our patented IsoVibe and ArcticFlow technologies address these challenges. IsoVibe reduces vibration-induced performance degradation, while ArcticFlow overcomes the cooling issues by introducing cool air into the middle of the platform. Both these technologies contribute to long-term reliability, enabling our five-year limited warranty on the entire platform.


  • Up to 60 Ultrastar® He12 HDDs (SAS or SATA) plus up to 8 NVMe™ (SAS or SATA) SSDs
  • Over 900TB of raw storage in 4U possible with planned 14TB drives and 7.68TB SSDs
  • Dual-port SAS for high performance or single-port SATA for low cost
  • Hybrid support for up to 32 SSDs to create a data acceleration tier
  • Patented IsoVibe technology ensures maximum performance even in heavy workloads
  • Enterprise-grade redundant and hot-swappable PSUs, fans, and drive modules
  • Improved cooling from innovative, patented ArcticFlow technology
  • Rack-mounted top cover for quick and easy service

Target applications/environments includes:

  • Dense server expansion
  • Software-defined storage
  • Private cloud
  • Big data analytics
  • Data tier for service provider

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